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I’ve been keeping a secret from you all…one I’m shocked I could conceal for so long.  The truth is: I’m actually not a huge Big Bang Theory fan. It’s not that funny.  …BazingaokayIactuallylovetheshow.  All opportunities for a terrible joke aside, more gut-splitting Big Bang Theory moments often come from the science-and-comedic relief, Dr. Sheldon Cooper. And then, when they do, they usually feature the tag line “Bazinga!” Some of you casual fans or curious readers might be curious about “Bazinga’s,” and how one uses a “Bazinga.”  The truth is—the actual truth is—we just don’t know. Sheldon uses the phrase to...

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by Amanda Drum  Every episode recap, I take down a list of my favorite quotes. Among this episode’s highlights are:             “You had a good run, Fake Wolowitz!”             “Nothing with Quarks.”             “Casper, the alcoholic ghost?”             “No good, Sheldon doesn’t float.” And my personal favorite,             “You’re either gonna stick your face in that pie, or I’m gonna stick that pie in your face?” Which reminds me: who else likes to see Leonard a little bit…angry? The Big Bang theory didn’t disappoint and certainly didn’t leave us hanging with six miles to go. It started off with the...

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 by Amanda Drum …Not me personally, no. Though my own mother did question my more curious childhood antics. She called me “special” loads of times; should I have been concerned? Regardless, Sheldon Cooper (a proper mad scientist) spits out the now-famous tag line in moments where he flashes more outrageous colors than normal. And no, this has nothing to do with his state after drinking. Mooning an audience of scientists at a conference didn’t lead to him attesting his own sanity. Of course, I’m only talking about the catch phrase, “I’m not crazy, my mother had me tested!” Which prompted...

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