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  Inspired by the artwork, commentary, and “.gif sets” of Big Bang Theory fans this morning, I decided to go right ahead and reveal Sheldon Cooper’s not-best-kept secret: He can’t keep a secret. He managed, somehow, not to divulge the 20 minutes missing from his workday to Howard and Raj until the end of the episode, two or three BBT episodes ago, but I’ll chalk that up to “character development.” He certainly gave the two a good scare by the end, anyway. Although, at the beginning of the series, Sheldon couldn’t keep a secret without careful deliberation and planning: big...

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  For lacking a Bernadette and Amy, this episode of Big Bang Theory still proved to be the cleaner, quainter, and on the whole, more progressive episodes we’ve seen this season. Leonard finds love (and that he’s more attractive than he realizes), Penny finds emotions, Sheldon finds clarity, and Raj and Howard scare themselves silly. …Sounds fun.  When Sheldon’s done doodling a wormhole on the edge of his napkin at lunch, his friends realize he takes up twenty minutes each day a week locked in a basement doing something with the letter 43. I personally would have been more invested...

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  Amy: “It’s called ‘Fun With Flags.’ They’re not at half-mast, nobody died, let’s keep it upbeat.” Pretty sure Sheldon’s web-based show (does anyone else recall an earlier reference to the breakthrough?) could have been a suitable title for this episode, with a few tweaks. Fun With Sheldon. Fun With Moving. Fun With Tea. Amy might be neurotic and uptight, but she doesn’t hold her ground dating Sheldon Cooper for nothing. Sheldon fails (in true Texas fashion) to defend her honor the first time when she and Will Wheaton argue over directing. He later fraternizes with the enemy, while remaining...

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  If you haven’t perused the Cool TV Props shop for any gift ideas recently—you really should, if not—then you haven’t seen any of the quotes from the Big Bang Theory’s “Comebacks from Sheldon and the C-Men” poster. And this can, for once, help you now: we’re about to play a little game. Are you a big (bang) enough fan to guess the episode from the following quips? We’re about to find out. Here are some of the highlights from the poster, now available in the store: Q:  “12 years after high school and I’m still at the nerd table.” A:  Season...

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by Amanda Drum This is Halloween, this is Halloween…though the inspiration for more sitcom fun (and one last All Hallows Eve article before I turn in the cape) came from a Big Bang Theory rerun reminding me why I started watching the show: the Middle Earth Paradigm. AKA, the season 1 Halloween special. It may not be Thursday (though I’ll be right back where it all started tomorrow, too), but I have to share my love for this particular episode favorite.  Getups let the characters’ true geekiness shine. Up to now, we’d heard them talk the talk; in this episode,...

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