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You know what? This was the first episode in a long time where I definitively felt bad for some characters and just plain didn’t like other characters’ attitudes. Lighten up, Bernie. And isn’t anyone going to give Penny any credit for acing the hunt?Meanwhile, Howard and Amy deserve an encore for their performance(s). When Raj’s Murder Mystery party falls through the roof (no, that wouldn’t be the murder in question), he considers his audience and plans an Ivy-League-esque scavenger hunt! All the fine establishments (and Princeton) celebrated the complicated tradition, with complex clues and logic puzzles, for the race to...

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  I’m responding again to an article posted by a dedicated Big Bang Theory viewer. No, I don’t spend all my waking hours stalking other articles based around the shows I watch, but their opinions and deductions intrigue me nonetheless. This article, especially, sits as a pro for a recent, though looming, Big Bang Theory debate.  Big Bang Theory naysayers, out of the woodwork since around 2011, criticize the program for its treatment of facts and “geek culture,” particularly concerning popular cult-classics. Now, perhaps the writers of the show scrub some World of Warcraft references, or name the wrong episodes...

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