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May the Fourth be with you.Just keep your wits sharp for the Revenge of the Fifth. Professor Proton, Sheldon and Leonard’s boyhood icon, passed away shortly before May Fourth. To Star Wars fans, the date creates a play-on-words they can only manipulate one day a year. See? Funny. Instead of marathoning all six Star Wars films, however (in a few years, they’ll need to add a seventh to their programming), Leonard and Penny opt to go to Professor Proton’s funeral. They attend the wake and reflect during the service with respect, care, and sympathy. Then they make the event about...

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Professor Proton is back, Bill Nye tries to steal the show (let’s be real—he does), and Sheldon Cooper learns a little something about himself. This show addressed old problems from Season 1 and introduced brand-new dilemmas. Like Sheldon’s fresh restraining order.Why doesn’t Arthur just get a restraining order?  Sheldon spies Arthur (AKA, Professor Proton) in the pharmacy, oblivious to how their last meeting ended, and forces himself upon him unceremoniously. After the encounter, Amy tries to ease Sheldon into the idea that he might be a little…annoying. She can’t say as much—Sheldon annoyingly tries to make her—but he doesn’t need...

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  “Aww, it’s so cool when you use the word ‘cool’ wrong.” Leonard and Sheldon discover they can realize their childhood dream when they find the host of their favorite science show online, Professor Proton! You might even say he’s a positive role model. Ah I make myself laugh.They hire him for a day of re-enacting children’s science tricks in their apartment, expecting the gloriousness and grandeur they watched from their TV sets as kids. What they find, however (besides guest star Bob Newhart), is a forlorn retiree with no life direction and a rather stony melancholy over the science...

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