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by Amanda Drum This is Halloween, this is Halloween…though the inspiration for more sitcom fun (and one last All Hallows Eve article before I turn in the cape) came from a Big Bang Theory rerun reminding me why I started watching the show: the Middle Earth Paradigm. AKA, the season 1 Halloween special. It may not be Thursday (though I’ll be right back where it all started tomorrow, too), but I have to share my love for this particular episode favorite.  Getups let the characters’ true geekiness shine. Up to now, we’d heard them talk the talk; in this episode,...

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 The Higgs-Boson Observation: A.K.A, Froggie Wants to Come Home! The axis to this episode may have been Dr. Cooper, but I only felt sorry for the mute-as-ever Raj. Sheldon’s new assistant, Alex—that he ‘may not have noticed’ was a pretty, female grad student—helped him sift through his childhood “journals” for the half-hour, in search of something he’d previously researched that could spark his own fast-track to the Nobel Prize…or right onto Amy Farrah Fowler’s hit-list. So she made it appear, bursting through Sheldon’s office door like a girl with an AHA-genda. …I won’t pun anymore this article, I promise. While...

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  Ok, I am officially freaking OUT!!! Raj might be get a REAL girlfriend. I thought it wouldn't never...not even happen in trillion years. I seriously CAN'T wait for the new Season to start!!! Find out more!! What are you guys think it will last or fade? Let me know on Twitter or Facebook

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