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Sitting and anticipating my own Thanksgiving holiday, I must say I love the time of year all the TV specials begin airing. There’s Thanksgiving Charlie Brown. Home Alone.Tonight, 8PM EST on CBS, we get Sheldon throwing up on a lot of clowns.Happy turkey day.  No, no, I’m kidding. As one #CoolTVProps fan put it, this episode was the funniest aired in some time. Lots of poking fun, but what’s a holiday where a distant relative (or neighbor) doesn’t bruise someone’s feelings? Even if that relative happens to be a three-years distance husband you didn’t know you had. Penny, en route...

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It’s a little late for Halloween talk, but Sheldon’s plans aren’t any less evil or diabolical. See how he cons Leonard into a “teachable moment,” how Penny needs to pick up a social skill or ten, and how Raj fares without his season premiere girlfriend, Lucy.Night of the Living Lucy.  In Sheldon and Leonard’s “box of junk,” Leonard finds a DVD he knew he was supposed to return…seven years ago. (The Super Mario Brothers movie. I’ve seen it.) To communicate how he feels when an issue sits on his brain like, oh, say, an itchy sweater, Sheldon forces Leonard to...

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Professor Proton is back, Bill Nye tries to steal the show (let’s be real—he does), and Sheldon Cooper learns a little something about himself. This show addressed old problems from Season 1 and introduced brand-new dilemmas. Like Sheldon’s fresh restraining order.Why doesn’t Arthur just get a restraining order?  Sheldon spies Arthur (AKA, Professor Proton) in the pharmacy, oblivious to how their last meeting ended, and forces himself upon him unceremoniously. After the encounter, Amy tries to ease Sheldon into the idea that he might be a little…annoying. She can’t say as much—Sheldon annoyingly tries to make her—but he doesn’t need...

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I’d hedge a bet that this was the most endearing episode of Big Bang Theory this season—and can you believe we’re only on Episode 6? Everyone got a touch of romance. Well. Raj got his vicariously through Howard’s enjoyment, but. Anyway. There were many plots, twists, and a whole lot of quotes I feel like sharing (seriously, the writers were on their game tonight!). And so, excuse me while I relegate the rest to bullet point format: “When did we get to the Cheesecake Factory?” – Sheldon Howard’s writing a song to celebrate his first date with Bernadette, Sheldon’s headlong...

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Two couples strike out in this episode of The Big Bang Theory. Unrelated to the title. Howard could work on his backbone, and Sheldon could give some of his away. I feel like they should trade. Amy switches her lab work over to Cal Science for a few months, bringing those adorable monkeys back into the picture. And, at first, she raises the potential for some workplace discrepancies. After all, she and Sheldon never spent so much time together at once; a reasonable concern. Don’t know of anyone that can tolerate spending so much time with Sheldon Cooper at once....

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