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I thought the closest they could get to another Sheldon was Amy. I was wrong. To recap, in order to get her Bed and Breakfast Valentines Day retreat (it does fall on a Friday this year), Amy organized the trip there by 1915yadayadavintagel-Locomotive! I know what I’m talking about. Valentine’s dinner would be served there, with all the fixings. And Bernadette and Howard along for the ride. Amy, however, never suspects that Sheldon would meet a second train enthusiast. Hyper-enthusiast. Can recreate specific trains of specific kinds with their mouth-iast.  And no, before you hypothetically ask, I don’t think Sheldon...

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I wondered how long it’d take for The Big Bang Theory to address con culture directly. They’ve yet to attend an all-in-out con, but that might be more a finale piece. For now, we just get…oh, I don’t know…how about James Earl Jones? When the boys try and fail to score the notoriously popular Comic Con tickets, Sheldon immediately decides upon the next simple and feasible course of action: building his own con from the ground up. Therein lies the irony: Leonard, Howard, and Raj mock Sheldon’s own efforts while they play into a con of their own, finding and...

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And now we enter in the episode of quickly wrapped plot twists. No, not really. I chalk this episode up to be the funnier of the seasons’ and NOW see why this ended up something like a mid-season twist. Leaves me guessing what’s to come for the days ahead, however. Sheldon makes use of his vacation days by latching onto everyone’s shoulder for the duration of the storyline. Really, with all the videogames in his collection, I’m a little surprised. Nevertheless, we see more signs that Sheldon, as a character, both deviates from the formula and adheres to the formula...

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Penny lands a big part for her ten years and counting on the Big Bang Theory—a scene on the hit (CBS) program NCIS/NCII/NCSTD. But between her wait for glory, Leonard’s awkwardness, and Sheldon’s new hobby, audiences spent most of their viewing time waiting to see who would drop the ball first. Good news is, they retired the subpar-actress side of Penny, in lieu of a different avenue: the NCIS execs cutting her anticipated scene entirely, without notice. Penny’s grief reveals her true colors…and they’re not all bright. In a mix of Penny trapping Leonard, and Leonard acting brutal, the couple...

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How does every cast member answer what their true love gave them on the first day of Christmas? Judging by their holiday daydreams, I’d first ask who was their true love of the hour. Then I could guess how Sheldon Cooper WOULDN’T reply.Excuse me: Uncle Dr. Cooper. That’s right, Sheldon’s sister is having a baby boy this holiday season, and Sheldon departed for Texas to take part in the home birth. Meanwhile, the rest of the cast (and Stuart) came over to the fourth-floor abode to decorate the tree and reminisce on episodes of season’s passed. One small segue later...

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