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For a season finale, that felt very…tame. When my east coast sources (no, not my parents, stop looking at me like that) told me that it would leave me hanging, visions of How I Met Your Mother season 9 danced through my head. Little did I know I would contend with Boxcar Kid Sheldon and the gang. Though the writers did seem to have it out for everybody. Penny and Leonard got engaged! Woohoo! And the audience rejoices. Then they pull out their calendars to bet on how many times the wedding will almost fall through. Raj has, as Sheldon...

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May the Fourth be with you.Just keep your wits sharp for the Revenge of the Fifth. Professor Proton, Sheldon and Leonard’s boyhood icon, passed away shortly before May Fourth. To Star Wars fans, the date creates a play-on-words they can only manipulate one day a year. See? Funny. Instead of marathoning all six Star Wars films, however (in a few years, they’ll need to add a seventh to their programming), Leonard and Penny opt to go to Professor Proton’s funeral. They attend the wake and reflect during the service with respect, care, and sympathy. Then they make the event about...

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Let’s see what I missed. Sheldon couldn’t decide between an Xbox One and PS4, Penny’s grappling with the “gorilla job,” and Raj got in touch with both the online redhead and Lucy. It’s like the episodes stopped.  March Madness finally made its off-court exit, and Sheldon might have waited a little too long to buy either the Xbox One or the PS4.  Released at the same time and leaving lots of competition in their wake, anyone who followed E3 2013 would understand his dilemma. Anyone else might have been a little lost for wear in this plot line. Penny discovers,...

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It’s a little hard to say if this episode served a long-lasting purpose, or if it really was just filler. As of late, the writers address and re-examine recurring issues within the sitcom. This time around, they slide Howard and Sheldon’s relationship under the microscope. It’s a rather cramped petri dish. On the other side of the viewfinder: Amy and Raj, spotlighted in their own plot. When Raj decides to retry online dating and respond to a profile, Amy offers to chat up the lucky lady in question before Raj’s antics take center stage. I’m also not sure if the...

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Chaos theory: the edition of a dining room table could cause a cataclysmic end to life as we know it. Learning science every day on the Big Bang Theory. In other news, IKEA is a thing. I wonder how slow the writer’s room was that they thought, say, let’s finally get Leonard and Sheldon a dining room table! Somehow the notion strikes Leonard’s fancy (or was Penny manipulating him?) and he refuses to budge on the matter, despite Sheldon’s protests. Nothing short of taking up the extra space makes Leonard cease and desist and—when he does purchase the table and...

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