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  Another blogger tries their hand at a HIMYM get-together feast for themselves and four other bros. No, your writer didn’t find the article scrolling through Cool TV Prop’s Pinterest or anything. Next to my decoration-centric assessment, the author included a thorough menu for the night’s affairs. Ingredients include, “Four of your closest friends, an eight-track of Robin Sparkles' hit, "Let's Go to the Mall," and an outrageously large Champagne bottle that's been saved for such an occasion.” Doesn’t that just sound like anyone else’s Friday night? Let’s analyze the TV dinner, brought to you by For prep, Joanna...

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  What am I talking about, every reunion with friends is a party by itself! Though, of course, I mean pulling out all the stops: Friends themed decorations, food, DVDs. Oh, did you think I meant your closest neighbors or co-workers? I’m referring to the famed Big Apple bunch that hijacked out 8 pm time slots for ten years. It’s a F.R.I.E.N.D.S festivity. Let’s start with the:  ·      Invitations  Make them something that says F.R.I.E.N.D.S without saying F.R.I.E.N.D.S. My recommendation? A faux wedding-invite for one of Ross’ many nuptials…perhaps writing a slightly-skewed variation of the guest’s name in place of...

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  Before we even see the first sign of April Showers, winter brings the nail-biting scope of Awards Season. The other A-S pits our favorite actors, movies, and TV shows against one another; sometimes, comedies we celebrate with equal parts love and T-shirt devotion. But never fear! Social media networks, internet users, and your very own Cool TV Props trend-watchers have the lowdown on how to party up one night—or every night—in true sitcom spirit. Today’s focus? How I Met Your Mother. It’s time to suit up. 1.     Invites: What ignites curiosity faster than a black invitation only marked “It’s...

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