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  Sheldon might put the "fun" in "funeral," but he didn't kill any of his jokes (or my side-busting) with this new episode of Big Bang Theory. A lot of the cast came together this time, in pairings we don’t often see in the series. Of a more ground-breaking fashion, Howard and Bernadette’s father, his father-in-law. Of a risqué nature, akin to Two Broke Girls, Sheldon and Amy. Of a gross kind, Howard and “the worm.” In an effort to find common ground between Howard and his father-in-law, Bernadette proposed a fishing trip between the two. Perhaps they’re not leaves...

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Architects not fixing, lawyers not managing, people both breaking and reassembling connections. Or, more like, makeups and breakups. Splits. Banana splits. However you want to string together this episode’s key events, a few highlights made me laugh too loudly for the time of night. Pretty sure I almost threw my computer mid-sentence a couple times. Lilly started the show with the makings of a Reasons Not To Have Sex list, the two starters being 1. Taking care of a baby and 2. Having a pulled groin ligament. Never mind minor-league basketball, pay more attention to Nadia and her pet snake....

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  Amy: “It’s called ‘Fun With Flags.’ They’re not at half-mast, nobody died, let’s keep it upbeat.” Pretty sure Sheldon’s web-based show (does anyone else recall an earlier reference to the breakthrough?) could have been a suitable title for this episode, with a few tweaks. Fun With Sheldon. Fun With Moving. Fun With Tea. Amy might be neurotic and uptight, but she doesn’t hold her ground dating Sheldon Cooper for nothing. Sheldon fails (in true Texas fashion) to defend her honor the first time when she and Will Wheaton argue over directing. He later fraternizes with the enemy, while remaining...

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by Amanda Drum This is Halloween, this is Halloween…though the inspiration for more sitcom fun (and one last All Hallows Eve article before I turn in the cape) came from a Big Bang Theory rerun reminding me why I started watching the show: the Middle Earth Paradigm. AKA, the season 1 Halloween special. It may not be Thursday (though I’ll be right back where it all started tomorrow, too), but I have to share my love for this particular episode favorite.  Getups let the characters’ true geekiness shine. Up to now, we’d heard them talk the talk; in this episode,...

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  I’m a little embarrassed I didn’t touch on the subject before now, for all my How I Met Your Mother excitement (finally a new episode tomorrow!): The Bro Code.  Ladies and gents alike, pay attention. We imply The Bro Code (TBC) in life and in leisure, or in the lives of our favorite Manhattanites—maybe second-favorite for some of you Friends diehards. So, what IS it? Urban Dictionary states TBC, or the Golden Rules of Manliness, and I quote, is “the Rules/Guidlines to being a good BRO. its also considered a living document. like the constitution or the bill of...

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