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  This would make for the second barricade I’ve seen since Christmas. Les Miserables, what up. Ted is feeling all sorts of miserable over his relationship with Jeanette—the girl whom he proudly reminded us awaiting fans was the last girl before he met The Mother, cue the excited screaming—and decides at the behest of his friends to break up with her. We didn’t know at first how the break-up occurred, but we quickly learned what followed: that Jeanette eventually left. We’re 90% sure. 80%. Unfortunately, Ted hadn’t progressed far enough into their relationship to learn Jeanette was a cop for...

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    You thought I was done talking about Brobibs, huh? Ahaha…you thought wrong. How was I supposed to keep How I Met Your Mother out of my mind after the finale? I guess rather than reaching for the suit, I bibbed-up in my anguish and post-holiday lull. Therefore, we interrupt your fast track to New Year’s with these developments. An author, “T-Text” from, revealed in their blog entry exactly when the domains for Brobibs and their still-mysterious counter-domain, Dude Aprons, were reserved by CBS: about three months prior to show time. Besides the obvious appreciation for the endeavor,...

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   I had to sit and plan how I was going to give this entire, stress-packed episode the attention it deserved, and not make it entirely about the massive plot twist at the end. So I’ll be recapping this Christmas special by character. ‘Tis the season: Ted: Ted’s architectural “more than a building” wonder is opening on the Manhattan skyline, and he decides to prove to his old professor, Prof. Finnick, that he became an architect after all. Unfortunately, the old Professor’s untimely words—“You’ll never be an architect”—remain unchanged. But this ties into the hinge of the episode, The Pit...

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     I’ve noticed an HIMYM episode trend lately: funny, funny, funny, leaving the blogger shocked. In the time it took to discover what Marshall, Lilly and Robin were doing in closets, we leapt to the predictable, the problem, and the pleading. Unless I was the only one pleading: pleading for Barney and Robin to get back together before the end of this series. I still hold hope. We lead the episode with the overarching problem of Ted Mosby’s things. Or, they would be his things, PROPERTY OF TED MOSBY and all, if they weren’t in the corners of his...

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   How enlightening. Just one of many finds while perusing the internet’s response to How I Met Your Mother’s Brobibs. Brobibs! The bibs hit the net shortly after Monday’s episode air time, leaving aspiring bros like me to puzzle over which to purchase this holiday season: these elegant food-guards, or Barney Stinson’s other notable suitjamas? When it comes down to the decision—although The 80’s Rapper and Sasquatch are equally tempting, let me tell you—I’m a bit of an originals-follower and would stick to The Classic. “An awesome suit deserves awesome protection. So ‘bib up’ with The Classic—the bib that started...

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