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  Only one show has the power to bring me from horribly ruptured in one moment, to slamming my keyboard in sheer delight in the next. This show, right now, is How I Met Your Mother. And this is Barney’s Bro-Mitzvah. Let’s break it down. Barney, for his epic bachelor party (I think it could have been “bro”chelor party), gave his four friends ultra-specific guidelines to follow—in near-Hebrew font, no less! While I adjusted to the dradle-drabble, Barney left Robin, Ted, Marshall, and Lily with no real room for error or surprise. We’ll get to their fix later. “Precious little...

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  This episode was about closure of all sorts. Penny not being able to find what really unlocks her passions—Sheldon not being able to handle an unfinished sentence…or series. I know that feeling, Sheldon. I still weep over Firefly. But both sides have supportive significant others at their sides to help them along the way, and—finally—we see a whole cast of Big Bang Theory characters at work.  Things I learned: Penny is basically Buffy. Or, would be, if she could finish more than two episodes of an otherwise perfect series. Leonard tries his hardest to find something the both of...

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  Robin feels like she needs to meet in the middle with Barney’s quirkier habits, and  Marshall feels like he needs to keep Lily from developing some of her own. Meanwhile, Ted’s rooted to the couch for Woodworthy Manor, the show’s parody of our very own BBC smash hit, Downton Abbey. Or so I assume. Don’t you dare reach for that dresser vase. Time for the recap. When Robin “persuades” Barney to sell his Fortress, she books the apartment for an open house and divulges for our viewers many of Barney’s patent-pending inventions. They may not be strict selling points,...

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  Barney’s weekend didn’t contain the three B’s, not when Robin walked out on all his bodacious Playbook schemes. In much the same way, Jeanette finally made her grand exit from Ted’s life, all thanks to the same elusive tome. Another chapter comes to a close. Ted finds himself on the seesaw with Jeanette, torn between her leaving him, going to Barney for wedding-date plays, her going back with him. Her blowing up his apartment. The three-episode arc reaches its end this episode of How I Met Your Mother with fire and a promise: Ted is ready to settle down....

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  “Ted. This is the Captain.” -- The Captain, calling Ted Mosby’s phone. While its very true people project their own emotions onto other people’s words and actions, there isn’t an apt way to describe how Ted and Robin view their past encounter with the Captain, once he re-enters their lives with a simple phone call at the beginning of the episode. The Captain? The art gallery owner whose wife Ted accidentally stole. The same owner that made eyes at Robin and told Lily she was nothing more than a kindergarten teacher. Now guess which version is true. Spoilers at...

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