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  Welcome, everybody. Hope you’re cozy, holed up and weathering this premiere and pilot week with me. Even if we’re not hiding from a Kraken. For the first episode, Leonard remained on his party yacht and Sheldon and Penny exchanged their passive-aggressive thoughts on the matter. I thought it kind of sweet Sheldon missed Leonard so much. Both episodes also featured a new side to Sheldon: an emotional one. Twice, we saw him at his most volatile, examined under a microscope. When the episodes turned suddenly serious (see, “Here’s something you don’t know about me: you just hurt my feelings”),...

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  Well, wasn’t this episode a packed bundle? It’s boys versus girls in this fan fracas. Let’s get down to it.  Leonard, Sheldon, Raj, and Howard take on Comic Con! I’m glad they’re branching into this fanboy arena—the time and effort put into cosplays goes largely ignored. Still waiting to see how they treat the practice in the next half hour. “What was that for?” “To show people when they don’t believe me.”-- Penny and Leonard Perhaps I’m a bit biased myself, but Penny, Amy, and Bernadette’s brunch scene seemed a bit canned. Unless CBS’ made a parody of their...

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   “You see, I have to play Dungeons and Dragons. For the marriage.” So begins the Big Bang Theory Christmas special, where our scientists break their Saturday commitments with their significant-others for an “epic” night of Dungeons and dragons. Out of the frying pan, into the fire, am I right? Kidding, kidding. Though, regardless of which dungeon they choose for the evening, the girls find their own method of retaliation. Sweetness, and Santa, abound. I can appreciate the nerdy twist CBS gave the seasonal episode. While it didn’t shock me in the slightest Sheldon didn’t care for Christmas, the Yuletide...

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  Sheldon might put the "fun" in "funeral," but he didn't kill any of his jokes (or my side-busting) with this new episode of Big Bang Theory. A lot of the cast came together this time, in pairings we don’t often see in the series. Of a more ground-breaking fashion, Howard and Bernadette’s father, his father-in-law. Of a risqué nature, akin to Two Broke Girls, Sheldon and Amy. Of a gross kind, Howard and “the worm.” In an effort to find common ground between Howard and his father-in-law, Bernadette proposed a fishing trip between the two. Perhaps they’re not leaves...

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  For lacking a Bernadette and Amy, this episode of Big Bang Theory still proved to be the cleaner, quainter, and on the whole, more progressive episodes we’ve seen this season. Leonard finds love (and that he’s more attractive than he realizes), Penny finds emotions, Sheldon finds clarity, and Raj and Howard scare themselves silly. …Sounds fun.  When Sheldon’s done doodling a wormhole on the edge of his napkin at lunch, his friends realize he takes up twenty minutes each day a week locked in a basement doing something with the letter 43. I personally would have been more invested...

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