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80’s montages kill me. After the drunken night following the last episode, Barney finds his way down the highway, accosts two losers—I mean, young men—and finds a strip club sooner than it takes Ted and Robin to find him again. He takes them on one last go-round the night before his wedding, ensuring protégé might exist in his place.But I wanted to be that bro in training. Also, it says so much when you realize he passed on the Playbook in sticky-note form. He had it memorized—although, perhaps, that in and of itself isn’t such a surprise. The most important...

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The labor scenes helped me affirm what we already knew—that Ted found perfect, and they both found for keeps. The duo really seems to indicate they both accept each other’s faults. Meanwhile, Lily’s on her way out the door and into the passenger seat of a questionable future. Tell you what; the Farhampton Inn sure gets its share of business. Marked by their meeting, surely, Ted and his wife revisit the suite on the most esteemed—and unintentional—of days. The writers dotted the episode with flashbacks to the labor of their second son, Luke, first daughter Penny in tow on a...

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Get it? Marshall? “Marshall Arts?”Okay. HIMYM once again prequels the slap of all slaps, with a very riveting slap-prenticeship story on behalf of Marshall Eriksen, who somehow trained in Shanghai (and Cleveland) for over a year in order to become a Slap master. Goes to show what happens when you take legendary consultation from an eight year old. Confused yet? Read on. Marshall, in an effort to scare Barney with his slapability, retold the story of how he gained his slapping prowess and superiority: by training under the tutelage of the three Slap Masters: Red Bird, White Flower, and…The Calligrapher....

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Another Halloween week, another Halloween-themed How I Met Your Mother episode.Although this episode gave of a How I Met My Maker vibe…for Marshall.  Marshall, the owed of No Questions Asked’s from the bride, groom, and best man: Robin, Barney, and Ted. No Questions Asked (NQA): One favor, asked of a friend to another friend, with one simple caveat—no questions asked. Once completed, the friend may reciprocate with their own No Questions Asked at some point in the future. We got to sit through an episode where we saw exactly how Marshall rung up all his NQA credit, and how he...

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Just as Indy chose the Grail that didn’t shine as brightly on the outside, Ted might have picked the woman with a bit more to offer than he could handle. Unlike Indy, however…Ted is not Indy. Partway into the wedding and everyone’s coupling off. Barney gives his purported wise recommendations, but, on the other hand, he isn’t exactly the world’s best truth-teller. While Ted carts around Cassie’s emotional baggage (and didn’t Ellie Kemper do a great job?), Barney and Robin have to face the reverend with one more surprise out of their fedora: that to secure the church, they stole...

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