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It’s a little late for Halloween talk, but Sheldon’s plans aren’t any less evil or diabolical. See how he cons Leonard into a “teachable moment,” how Penny needs to pick up a social skill or ten, and how Raj fares without his season premiere girlfriend, Lucy.Night of the Living Lucy.  In Sheldon and Leonard’s “box of junk,” Leonard finds a DVD he knew he was supposed to return…seven years ago. (The Super Mario Brothers movie. I’ve seen it.) To communicate how he feels when an issue sits on his brain like, oh, say, an itchy sweater, Sheldon forces Leonard to...

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  Ladies in Vegas and boys in…dungeons. Or is it? This episode had boys, booze, and barely any rules, and left your blogger a gaping, screaming mess. As you might have guessed through my second regular liveblog. When the girls’ night in Vegas falls through, they join everyone but Raj in one crazy game of—you guessed it—Dungeons and Dragons. Howard tries the Dungeon Master title on for size and knocks Sheldon’s socks off (real goosebumps!). I guess this puts Howard in the league of Zachary Quinto, though not as impressionable as, say, Nicolas Cage or Al Pacino or Christopher Walken....

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