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Architects not fixing, lawyers not managing, people both breaking and reassembling connections. Or, more like, makeups and breakups. Splits. Banana splits. However you want to string together this episode’s key events, a few highlights made me laugh too loudly for the time of night. Pretty sure I almost threw my computer mid-sentence a couple times. Lilly started the show with the makings of a Reasons Not To Have Sex list, the two starters being 1. Taking care of a baby and 2. Having a pulled groin ligament. Never mind minor-league basketball, pay more attention to Nadia and her pet snake....

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by Amanda Drum I remember being fascinated by lobsters, in the fish-market of the local Wal-Mart. The store set them up in a cylindrical tank, wider than it was tall, and just short enough for me to press my nose against the glass and watch the tagged shellfish crawl around on each other. I sort of wondered how they tolerated the close proximity (minus the vocabulary I just expressed). Now, I don’t recall seeing any old lobsters sauntering around the bend, holding “claws.” But then, I also wasn’t a child Phoebe Buffay and hadn’t spent any amount of time visiting...

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Can you guess what is the one thing a girl needs now?  It's a yellow umbrella just like the one we see on How I Met Your Mother. I think its good luck to have the yellow umbrella ;) Who knows, you might meet your Ted sooner than you think :) Buy yours here !! 

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  Ok, I am officially freaking OUT!!! Raj might be get a REAL girlfriend. I thought it wouldn't never...not even happen in trillion years. I seriously CAN'T wait for the new Season to start!!! Find out more!! What are you guys think it will last or fade? Let me know on Twitter or Facebook

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