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I’d hedge a bet that this was the most endearing episode of Big Bang Theory this season—and can you believe we’re only on Episode 6? Everyone got a touch of romance. Well. Raj got his vicariously through Howard’s enjoyment, but. Anyway. There were many plots, twists, and a whole lot of quotes I feel like sharing (seriously, the writers were on their game tonight!). And so, excuse me while I relegate the rest to bullet point format: “When did we get to the Cheesecake Factory?” – Sheldon Howard’s writing a song to celebrate his first date with Bernadette, Sheldon’s headlong...

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Two couples strike out in this episode of The Big Bang Theory. Unrelated to the title. Howard could work on his backbone, and Sheldon could give some of his away. I feel like they should trade. Amy switches her lab work over to Cal Science for a few months, bringing those adorable monkeys back into the picture. And, at first, she raises the potential for some workplace discrepancies. After all, she and Sheldon never spent so much time together at once; a reasonable concern. Don’t know of anyone that can tolerate spending so much time with Sheldon Cooper at once....

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The ongoing theme for tonight’s Big Bang Theory episode: ruined childhoods.Unless you’re Raj and Stuart, in which case, ruined evenings. Amy missteps on Date Night with Sheldon by criticizing Raiders of the Lost Ark, claiming Indie had no true relevance to the plot line at all—the movie would have ended the same way regardless. Stunned, Sheldon sets out to ruin something of Amy’s childhood in return. Eye for an eye. I like this trend where Sheldon learns life lessons from his patient girlfriend. This episode, he realized he could vocalize his feelings, rather than, in Amy’s words, “seek revenge.” It’s...

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You know what? This was the first episode in a long time where I definitively felt bad for some characters and just plain didn’t like other characters’ attitudes. Lighten up, Bernie. And isn’t anyone going to give Penny any credit for acing the hunt?Meanwhile, Howard and Amy deserve an encore for their performance(s). When Raj’s Murder Mystery party falls through the roof (no, that wouldn’t be the murder in question), he considers his audience and plans an Ivy-League-esque scavenger hunt! All the fine establishments (and Princeton) celebrated the complicated tradition, with complex clues and logic puzzles, for the race to...

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  Welcome, everybody. Hope you’re cozy, holed up and weathering this premiere and pilot week with me. Even if we’re not hiding from a Kraken. For the first episode, Leonard remained on his party yacht and Sheldon and Penny exchanged their passive-aggressive thoughts on the matter. I thought it kind of sweet Sheldon missed Leonard so much. Both episodes also featured a new side to Sheldon: an emotional one. Twice, we saw him at his most volatile, examined under a microscope. When the episodes turned suddenly serious (see, “Here’s something you don’t know about me: you just hurt my feelings”),...

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