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Another Halloween week, another Halloween-themed How I Met Your Mother episode.Although this episode gave of a How I Met My Maker vibe…for Marshall.  Marshall, the owed of No Questions Asked’s from the bride, groom, and best man: Robin, Barney, and Ted. No Questions Asked (NQA): One favor, asked of a friend to another friend, with one simple caveat—no questions asked. Once completed, the friend may reciprocate with their own No Questions Asked at some point in the future. We got to sit through an episode where we saw exactly how Marshall rung up all his NQA credit, and how he...

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I’d hedge a bet that this was the most endearing episode of Big Bang Theory this season—and can you believe we’re only on Episode 6? Everyone got a touch of romance. Well. Raj got his vicariously through Howard’s enjoyment, but. Anyway. There were many plots, twists, and a whole lot of quotes I feel like sharing (seriously, the writers were on their game tonight!). And so, excuse me while I relegate the rest to bullet point format: “When did we get to the Cheesecake Factory?” – Sheldon Howard’s writing a song to celebrate his first date with Bernadette, Sheldon’s headlong...

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