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  With every good sitcom comes a good nuptial; then again, not sure I need to tell this crowd that, the same one studiously waiting for Robin and Barney’s wedding along with Ted and the ubiquitous Mother’s. But your blogger found a list of the top 19 sitcom weddings and—out of curiosity—combed through to see where our favorites ranked, and why. The results fall as follows: #5 Ross and Emily, F.R.I.E.N.D.S I feel badly that every wedding hitherto led to successful relationships. And then there’s Ross. “I, Ross, take thee…Rachel…” In all fairness, Rachel realized in the same episode she...

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  “It’s this dumb thing that Ross made up just to try to fool our parents. It’s a way of giving the finger without actually having to give it…it was the first time I realized I was cooler than my big brother.” -- Monica, on Ross’ fake “finger” gesture  F.R.I.E.N.D.S gave us fans plenty of things to borrow and take away from the show, things we only need see once and instantly be transported back. Some of the sweeter legacies include Marcel, “How you doin’?” and “I got off the plane.” …And then there’s Ross’ version of “the finger.”  Demonstrating...

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  As Valentines grows closer, web-users and other opinioned get louder. Not to speak ill of our dear fans—many just have a more, ah, “heartfelt” opinion of the worldwide holiday. Especially where our sitcoms-turned-romcoms over the last few weeks are concerned. Between proposals and nuptials and all else in-between, fans have been more, or less, vocal about their favorite on screen couples. Take a look at who comes out on top, and why, in the valentines edition of “fans”:   6. Sheldon and Amy, a.k.a “Shamy”—Big Bang Theory This boat might currently be rockin’ (and not droppin’), but Sheldon and...

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  Not sure if you can stretch the term “bipartisan” all the way to football—that’s a long hundred meters—but coming from one sitting sideline for the commercials, we can’t ignore all the Super Bowl references found in pop culture, no matter which team you stand for. References from, namely, our three favorite shows!  But rather than list The One After the Super Bowl quotes, or maybe HIMYM Monday Night Football dos and don’ts, it’s time to see how much YOU know. Tie off your BroBibs, guard your hot wings, and enter the pop quiz: Super Bowl edition.  Q: Whom does...

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   Does anyone else have the one show—or movie, or book—they quote tirelessly and without end? I shamelessly do:  F.R.I.E.N.D.S! The “friends” that stayed by my side through my childhood on. For our resplendent Saturday, fans demanded another round of guess-the-quote, starring the F.R.I.E.N.D.S sitcom series! Try your hand at placing these funnies. No peeking now! Q: "Some girl ate Monica!!!""Shut up! The camera adds 10 pounds." "Oh. So how many cameras are actually on you?" A: Joey, Monica and Chandler in The One With the Prom Video Q:"Hey, you guys in the living room all know what you want...

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