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   I had to sit and plan how I was going to give this entire, stress-packed episode the attention it deserved, and not make it entirely about the massive plot twist at the end. So I’ll be recapping this Christmas special by character. ‘Tis the season: Ted: Ted’s architectural “more than a building” wonder is opening on the Manhattan skyline, and he decides to prove to his old professor, Prof. Finnick, that he became an architect after all. Unfortunately, the old Professor’s untimely words—“You’ll never be an architect”—remain unchanged. But this ties into the hinge of the episode, The Pit...

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Architects not fixing, lawyers not managing, people both breaking and reassembling connections. Or, more like, makeups and breakups. Splits. Banana splits. However you want to string together this episode’s key events, a few highlights made me laugh too loudly for the time of night. Pretty sure I almost threw my computer mid-sentence a couple times. Lilly started the show with the makings of a Reasons Not To Have Sex list, the two starters being 1. Taking care of a baby and 2. Having a pulled groin ligament. Never mind minor-league basketball, pay more attention to Nadia and her pet snake....

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   Was this episode worth the wait? Oh please. Is the French Horn blue? Is Nick the Bad Boy Chef? Besides Nick’s cable-access cooking show, the episode ignited all of my feelings for Robin and Ted, Robin and Barney, Barney and Brover and, lastly, Victoria. But we’ll get to all of that in just a moment. I don’t think anyone is floored that Ted can’t get the hint. Poor Ted. Poor kind, sweet, naïve Ted, who just wants a woman to grow old with. Unfortunately, that woman won’t be Victoria. I’m still holding out hope it’s Robin. Also that Robin...

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by Amanda Drum This is Halloween, this is Halloween…though the inspiration for more sitcom fun (and one last All Hallows Eve article before I turn in the cape) came from a Big Bang Theory rerun reminding me why I started watching the show: the Middle Earth Paradigm. AKA, the season 1 Halloween special. It may not be Thursday (though I’ll be right back where it all started tomorrow, too), but I have to share my love for this particular episode favorite.  Getups let the characters’ true geekiness shine. Up to now, we’d heard them talk the talk; in this episode,...

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by Amanda Drum  Every episode recap, I take down a list of my favorite quotes. Among this episode’s highlights are:             “You had a good run, Fake Wolowitz!”             “Nothing with Quarks.”             “Casper, the alcoholic ghost?”             “No good, Sheldon doesn’t float.” And my personal favorite,             “You’re either gonna stick your face in that pie, or I’m gonna stick that pie in your face?” Which reminds me: who else likes to see Leonard a little bit…angry? The Big Bang theory didn’t disappoint and certainly didn’t leave us hanging with six miles to go. It started off with the...

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