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  You’ve perused our store and picked up your favorite set props and gifts. Now what? Plan on using them as coffee table knick-knacks for the rest of their days? Does this mean the end for your eclectic shopping? All is fine, we might add, but your blogger’s going to try their hand at finding creative ways to pair Cool TV Props with something else that’s totally cool. Something Barney would approve of. So that someday Barney will recognize my bro status. I’m waiting for it, Stinson. Have the Rock-‘em-Sock-‘em Robots t-shirt? Get the Captain Future poster. The Big Bang...

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bbt, big bang theory, cool tv props, council of ladies, sheldon cooper, t-shirt -

  “As you can see from your commemorative t-shirts, which I have dubbed, Sheldon’s Council of Ladies.” “…What is happening?” --Sheldon and Penny, inaugurating the lady-council As you know from the episode, Sheldon called upon a team meeting for lady advice once Alex reappeared at the beginning of Big Bang Theory season 6. His issues harken back to the days of her flirtatious behavior with Leonard, and he needs advice from the only three other women in his life he’s well acquainted with.  Enter the Council. Sheldon gathers them together in Penny’s apartment and describes the office scenario: how the...

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