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How does every cast member answer what their true love gave them on the first day of Christmas? Judging by their holiday daydreams, I’d first ask who was their true love of the hour. Then I could guess how Sheldon Cooper WOULDN’T reply.Excuse me: Uncle Dr. Cooper. That’s right, Sheldon’s sister is having a baby boy this holiday season, and Sheldon departed for Texas to take part in the home birth. Meanwhile, the rest of the cast (and Stuart) came over to the fourth-floor abode to decorate the tree and reminisce on episodes of season’s passed. One small segue later...

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   In the bustle of the holiday season—Hanukkah or Christmas or whichever winter celebration you uphold—sometimes we forget the spirit of it all. What really lights the candle, so to speak. Even if the origins of either holiday are lost in the vapors of history: “In the pre-Christian era, as the winter solstice approached and the plants died, pagans brought evergreen boughs into their homes as an act of sympathetic magic, intended to guard the life essences of the plants until spring. This custom was later appropriated by Northern Europeans and eventually it becomes the so-called Christmas tree.” -- Sheldon...

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I try and stay mindful of the other holidays people acknowledge this season, even though I myself celebrate Christmas, by looking for all-inclusivety in our three favorite TV shows and episodes. By a happy accident, this morning someone asked if I remembered Phoebe Buffay’s Central Perk holiday song? I had. Then I felt possessed to write an article about it. I actually wouldn’t put it past Phoebe to go up to the nearest mall Santa and ask for Christmas wishes for her friends, as she describes in this little number: Went to the store / Sat on Santa’s lap /...

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   “You see, I have to play Dungeons and Dragons. For the marriage.” So begins the Big Bang Theory Christmas special, where our scientists break their Saturday commitments with their significant-others for an “epic” night of Dungeons and dragons. Out of the frying pan, into the fire, am I right? Kidding, kidding. Though, regardless of which dungeon they choose for the evening, the girls find their own method of retaliation. Sweetness, and Santa, abound. I can appreciate the nerdy twist CBS gave the seasonal episode. While it didn’t shock me in the slightest Sheldon didn’t care for Christmas, the Yuletide...

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