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  You’ve perused our store and picked up your favorite set props and gifts. Now what? Plan on using them as coffee table knick-knacks for the rest of their days? Does this mean the end for your eclectic shopping? All is fine, we might add, but your blogger’s going to try their hand at finding creative ways to pair Cool TV Props with something else that’s totally cool. Something Barney would approve of. So that someday Barney will recognize my bro status. I’m waiting for it, Stinson. Have the Rock-‘em-Sock-‘em Robots t-shirt? Get the Captain Future poster. The Big Bang...

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  Before we even see the first sign of April Showers, winter brings the nail-biting scope of Awards Season. The other A-S pits our favorite actors, movies, and TV shows against one another; sometimes, comedies we celebrate with equal parts love and T-shirt devotion. But never fear! Social media networks, internet users, and your very own Cool TV Props trend-watchers have the lowdown on how to party up one night—or every night—in true sitcom spirit. Today’s focus? How I Met Your Mother. It’s time to suit up. 1.     Invites: What ignites curiosity faster than a black invitation only marked “It’s...

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  Maybe I’m a little late aboard this train, but because not every How I Met Your Mother fan is as perfect as, say, Barney Stinson and Robin Scherbatsky, I might as well point others like me in the right direction. Has anyone else checked out the blog of THE “Bro Stinson?” More importantly, has anyone been reading his entries over mine? I mean, come on. It appears, scrolling through them, he writes his articles from either his tennis-ball-producing office, or from his chaise lounge. (Perhaps donning a certain pair of suitjamas, or a BroBib for a little writing-and-dining?) It...

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  It’s true; How I Met Your Mother has been my most recent preoccupation, with the final episodes drawing closer and closer. But with all the wedding hype, I nearly forgot the most important plot twist of the season! Well, arguably the most important. Certainly the most important for any other aspiring bro readers out there, and a topic I’ve covered a few times with only the most hopeful avail.  The Cool TV Props store knows what a fan wants when they see it, and so they bring you—after a much-anticipated wait—the BroBib! Frustrated in the least that the original...

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