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  I know I talk incessantly about my life goal to become Barney “Bro” Stinson, and scrutinize his every waking moment to see what I might do to reach his tier (pity I couldn’t borrow his Bro Code; I had to get my own instead). But I haven’t gone over just what types of things I listen out for, specifically within his specific vernacular. And that raises the question—what Barney Stinson sayings top everyone’s lists? I need to pay attention to the needs of Barney’s other pandering fans, as well. And so, I bring the top five best Barney Stinson-isms,...

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  Barney probably turns his nose up with disdain at the flavor of current Top 40, but we know he has an ear for eardrum-bursting, bass-booming classic rock and other psychedelic tunes. How? He’s crafted before, on the show How I Met Your Mother, a self-proclaimed Get Psyched mix aimed to please (and to shake the ordinarily bored and apathetic Ted Mosby out of his rut). But where does the “psych” really end? Does the show lack in a network-confirmed or otherwise fan-made Volume 2? And what songs are missing that scream Barney Stinson’s name through the hills? If they’re...

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  Maybe I’m a little late aboard this train, but because not every How I Met Your Mother fan is as perfect as, say, Barney Stinson and Robin Scherbatsky, I might as well point others like me in the right direction. Has anyone else checked out the blog of THE “Bro Stinson?” More importantly, has anyone been reading his entries over mine? I mean, come on. It appears, scrolling through them, he writes his articles from either his tennis-ball-producing office, or from his chaise lounge. (Perhaps donning a certain pair of suitjamas, or a BroBib for a little writing-and-dining?) It...

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