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Chaos theory: the edition of a dining room table could cause a cataclysmic end to life as we know it. Learning science every day on the Big Bang Theory. In other news, IKEA is a thing. I wonder how slow the writer’s room was that they thought, say, let’s finally get Leonard and Sheldon a dining room table! Somehow the notion strikes Leonard’s fancy (or was Penny manipulating him?) and he refuses to budge on the matter, despite Sheldon’s protests. Nothing short of taking up the extra space makes Leonard cease and desist and—when he does purchase the table and...

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I wondered how long it’d take for The Big Bang Theory to address con culture directly. They’ve yet to attend an all-in-out con, but that might be more a finale piece. For now, we just get…oh, I don’t know…how about James Earl Jones? When the boys try and fail to score the notoriously popular Comic Con tickets, Sheldon immediately decides upon the next simple and feasible course of action: building his own con from the ground up. Therein lies the irony: Leonard, Howard, and Raj mock Sheldon’s own efforts while they play into a con of their own, finding and...

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And now we enter in the episode of quickly wrapped plot twists. No, not really. I chalk this episode up to be the funnier of the seasons’ and NOW see why this ended up something like a mid-season twist. Leaves me guessing what’s to come for the days ahead, however. Sheldon makes use of his vacation days by latching onto everyone’s shoulder for the duration of the storyline. Really, with all the videogames in his collection, I’m a little surprised. Nevertheless, we see more signs that Sheldon, as a character, both deviates from the formula and adheres to the formula...

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This episode sequels Sheldon’s fluke discovery of a super-heavy element! Everyone’s favorite, right? Sheldon, naturally, still isn’t used to public embarrassment, and so sequesters himself in his room playing toy trains when faced with any form of scientific reverence or scrutiny. Enter special guest Wil Wheaton, who, surprisingly nicely, gives Sheldon the right amount of encouragement and understanding, all thanks to Amy’s care. He really does tweet a lot, by the way. Of course, peace doesn’t remain by the time Leonard returns, because Leonard’s near always having something done to him, or doing something to someone else. And this time,...

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I’d hedge a bet that this was the most endearing episode of Big Bang Theory this season—and can you believe we’re only on Episode 6? Everyone got a touch of romance. Well. Raj got his vicariously through Howard’s enjoyment, but. Anyway. There were many plots, twists, and a whole lot of quotes I feel like sharing (seriously, the writers were on their game tonight!). And so, excuse me while I relegate the rest to bullet point format: “When did we get to the Cheesecake Factory?” – Sheldon Howard’s writing a song to celebrate his first date with Bernadette, Sheldon’s headlong...

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