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We finally discover who was in the car with Lily. Or, rather, whose car it was at all. When Lily called none other than the Captain for help—and Ted was so close, too—she wasn’t calling for an emergency smoke break. No, she wasn’t even calling for someone to talk to. She was calling to confirm whether or not she would have another child she refused to make a consolation prize. For all those that thought Marshall getting his way seemed a little unfair, congrats: he, Lily, Marvin—and Daisy (two flower names, all)—will spend one year in Italy as a forever-family....

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  The antiquated way of sneakily asking, what would Neil Patrick Harris do, I decided to go exploring the outside jobs of our cast members; starting with How I Met Your Mother. Do Ted (Josh Radnor) and the Mother know each other offscreen? How many fan sites exist for Alyson Hannigan (Lily)? Who else thinks Cobie Smulders (Robin) should just take up modeling? What the fans report. Josh Radnor: After premiering his latest Sundance directorial project, Liberal Arts, last year, our Ted stayed faithful to his leading man How I Met Your Mother project. He only took one break for...

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    You thought I was done talking about Brobibs, huh? Ahaha…you thought wrong. How was I supposed to keep How I Met Your Mother out of my mind after the finale? I guess rather than reaching for the suit, I bibbed-up in my anguish and post-holiday lull. Therefore, we interrupt your fast track to New Year’s with these developments. An author, “T-Text” from, revealed in their blog entry exactly when the domains for Brobibs and their still-mysterious counter-domain, Dude Aprons, were reserved by CBS: about three months prior to show time. Besides the obvious appreciation for the endeavor,...

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    This weekend, I was directed to a list of names Barney hypothetically would have given Ted Mosby’s moving truck, if he’d moved in with Robin during the second season of How I Met Your Mother. Despite the weaving challenges Barney supposed, and the use of “bro time” as blackmail (though the words “bro” and “fickle” really don’t go together, Barney), Ted and Robin inevitably decide not to move in together. What does that leave us with, besides one imminent option for “the mother” gone? Unused moving truck names. I now take full responsibility for sharing the less-than-poignant titles—very...

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     I’ve noticed an HIMYM episode trend lately: funny, funny, funny, leaving the blogger shocked. In the time it took to discover what Marshall, Lilly and Robin were doing in closets, we leapt to the predictable, the problem, and the pleading. Unless I was the only one pleading: pleading for Barney and Robin to get back together before the end of this series. I still hold hope. We lead the episode with the overarching problem of Ted Mosby’s things. Or, they would be his things, PROPERTY OF TED MOSBY and all, if they weren’t in the corners of his...

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