Is Pokemon Go… ing to TV Shows?

By now, we all know about Pokemon Go and its effect on usually couch-potato technology habits. Since it’s release in the US, there have been thousands upon thousands of media articles, memes, and individual posts about it. Some funny, some concerning.

Now that it’s out, the question is: what does this mean for future games? What next? Niantic, the company that helped Nintendo develop Pokemon Go, and its developer Archit Bhargava, is considering these questions right now. And the answer they’re considering: Game of Thrones. That’s right! The next Pokemon Go may be Westeros mapped out over real life. What you decide then, is which house to join (*cough* Targaryen *cough*).

Another group, Forgehouse Films, made a mash up of Pokemon Go and The Walking Dead. No one is safe from the zombies in this funny video. Check it out for yourself:


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