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"That's true. You'd rust."

Professor Proton is back, Bill Nye tries to steal the show (let’s be real—he does), and Sheldon Cooper learns a little something about himself. This show addressed old problems from Season 1 and introduced brand-new dilemmas. Like Sheldon’s fresh restraining order.
Why doesn’t Arthur just get a restraining order? 

Sheldon spies Arthur (AKA, Professor Proton) in the pharmacy, oblivious to how their last meeting ended, and forces himself upon him unceremoniously. After the encounter, Amy tries to ease Sheldon into the idea that he might be a little…annoying. She can’t say as much—Sheldon annoyingly tries to make her—but he doesn’t need to be told twice.

Arthur expounds the reality when he sidesteps Sheldon and asks Leonard to review his paper and conduct his experiment. Leonard, much to Sheldon’s dismay, happily agrees. Sheldon, pride bruised, seeks the only person that could remedy the situation: another model. Enter, Bill Nye the Science Guy, the only science show-host any of us really remember. 

Sheldon misses his chance with "bowtie"—and earns a brand new legal document—but renews his ‘friendship’ with Professor Proton and, indirectly, might be the link between Arthur and a hot date with one of Penny’s grandmothers. 

Howard and Raj, in the other court, butt heads when Howard invades on one of Raj’s Ladies Nights, only to learn that Raj took the opportunity to get away from him and air his feelings in private. Ouch. Although, the show made the issue present for some time now; they were bound to address it sooner or later.

Raj might maintain stereotypically feminine interests, but they don’t erase, nor negate, his other fine qualities. Or so Howard learns.
Howard also learns Raj lacks quite a bit of forethought, in the form of Star Wars apparel. 

And so, on both fronts, I can summarize the episode as such:
“I’m not going to bother him…I’m going to talk to him!”



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