HIMYM, How I Met Your Mother -

"We're running out of glasses."

And someone dared tell me this episode was the “same old, same old.” Are you joking? What other episode in recent memory left me grinning like a fool by the end?

[Kids, this is the story of how Ted proposed to the mother.]

Back in the present, Robin and Barney’s mother still aren’t ready to bury the hatchet. Even if Robin would love to bury her sweater.

The debate between daughter and mother comes to a head when Robin denounces the unthinkable between a mother and son’s kindred relationship: Barney’s mother’s scrambled eggs. No one pits mother against mother and gets away with it. 

…No, really. Robin can’t pit mother against mother. Not this time. Not when she discovered her mother didn’t get on the plane to come to her own daughter’s wedding.
I just made myself sad. 

Robin can’t scramble eggs in her mother’s place, nor can Robin become a mother herself—so Barney’s mother discovers, when Robin reveals the startling truth in the heat of the moment. Funny enough, the tragedy brought the two closer together. Maybe Barney’s mom could see through Robin’s tough façade, a tough woman herself.

But for the remainder of the season, Mrs. Stinson or any derivative…will just be “mom.”

In the background, Ted wants to explore a lighthouse nearby, only for the priority-challenged inn to deny his request; on the grounds that he was too “single and lonely.” His care for the architecture overrode his dignity and logic, and he took Lily’s advice to invite Cassie for a second date. This first time up the lighthouse, as it turned out…not so limber.

The second time, however, changed his life for good.

Next week, two fandoms collide into one episode of Breaking Ted…and not in the inn, no less! Will this recurring character give Ted a run for his money? Find out next Monday: who is the one who calls?


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