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Halloween, NQA

Another Halloween week, another Halloween-themed How I Met Your Mother episode.
Although this episode gave of a How I Met My Maker vibe…for Marshall. 

Marshall, the owed of No Questions Asked’s from the bride, groom, and best man: Robin, Barney, and Ted.

No Questions Asked (NQA): One favor, asked of a friend to another friend, with one simple caveat—no questions asked. Once completed, the friend may reciprocate with their own No Questions Asked at some point in the future.

We got to sit through an episode where we saw exactly how Marshall rung up all his NQA credit, and how he gained the opportunity to cash it all back in.

When Marshall’s carpool ‘buddy’ sent the text message accidentally last week, Marshall subsequently called Barney, Robin, six other people, and then Ted, to go steal Lily’s phone and delete the text. The episode entailed many a flashback over the course of the stormy evening and, to give you an idea of how patient Lily felt for friends invading her room, these all took place in Room 13.

The Haunted Room, according to a hotel-haunts cable TV special. You know, That One Time.

Barney, Robin, and Ted all plotted on the best courses of action—and CBS decided to make us doubt the strength of Barney and Robin’s relationship again—before Ted finally completed Marshall’s mission. 

Then Marshall called Lily and told her the news about the judgeship anyway, because he’s a nice guy; a nice guy with a death wish on HIMYM’s Halloween special. 

We’ll discover next week what grisly end he’ll meet—and we’ll get to see the Mother once more! It seems the band arrives, just in time for November! 

"And I'm not sure anyone died in our room...but someone's going to."

"You owe me a No Questions Asked."
--Marshall and Ted

 “It’s going to be avi—wait for it—ary. Aviary.”
--Barney (about doves)


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