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If You Do That, I’ll Scream

Two couples strike out in this episode of The Big Bang Theory. Unrelated to the title. Howard could work on his backbone, and Sheldon could give some of his away. I feel like they should trade.

Amy switches her lab work over to Cal Science for a few months, bringing those adorable monkeys back into the picture. And, at first, she raises the potential for some workplace discrepancies. After all, she and Sheldon never spent so much time together at once; a reasonable concern. Don’t know of anyone that can tolerate spending so much time with Sheldon Cooper at once.

Sheldon Cooper saw no reason to fear…until Howard, already strained by Bernadette’s recent season-long behavior (much exacerbated by his own antics, don’t get me wrong), suggests that maybe couples sharing workspaces wasn’t such a good idea. He…may have added one or two unfavorable comments about Bernadette that certainly landed him in every bit of trouble he deserved. 

Namely, crashing on Raj’s couch, braiding his hair, eating cookie dough and watching The Princess Bride. I wonder which one of them wished.

Honestly, though, Sheldon gives me the worst secondhand embarrassment sometimes. The ways he incessantly told on Howard and embarrassed Amy over lunch, especially. He was in rare form tonight, for sure. The writers didn’t close his dilemma like I thought they might’ve. We’d been doing so well with Sheldon’s Self-Revelations.
Unless they’re gearing up for a plot twist. Wouldn’t that be frightening?

I am glad Howard and Bernadette came back together (if only for five minutes) by the end of the episode. If something happened to their marriage, I might cry.

Next Week: is Sheldon up all night, just to “get lucky?” Will Amy make any more cracks about her contact-less relationship? Find out via Cool TV Prop’s live-tweet, next Thursday!


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