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I sat here for five minutes after the episode aired and tried to think of how it could metaphorically parallel pizza.
I just made myself very hungry. 

Lily made her angry face because she and Marshall, for the last six years and eight seasons, assumed Ted never got them a wedding present. Ted thinks, conversely, he got Lily and Marshall the one-tier-down coffee maker for their wedding present, and that he never received a Thank You Note. 

But I mean, who really writes thank you notes?

As it turned out, Marshall owed him the note, after an error by Stuart, and Ted walks away from the debacle gift guilt free.
I don’t think I’ve ever followed through with a thank you note before.

More costly than a half-year’s passive aggressive battle, however, seemed to be James’ divorce and Robins quest to come first. Speaking of non-confrontational, Robin, rather than tell James to quit harping on her upcoming nuptials, gambled her way into his former wedding ring.
And Barney’s mother’s bluff. I mean blouse. Blouse.

It took a spring awakening for Barney to realize that sometimes, no matter how faithful his family, he needs to team up with his (future) wife now and again. He might have taken the point a little too far, but that’s the other plus to family: they never go away. Never ever.

Quotables from this episode include: 

--Marshall, a.k.a. how I feel about pizza always. 

“When you’re bluffing…you say the word “bluff”.”

“I learned a fun and useful lifetime skill.”
--Marshall, on sewing. 

"I'm always gonna have your back. No matter what."
--Barney, because I can’t get enough of Barney and Robin sweetness. 

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