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Childhoods Ruined

The ongoing theme for tonight’s Big Bang Theory episode: ruined childhoods.
Unless you’re Raj and Stuart, in which case, ruined evenings.

Amy missteps on Date Night with Sheldon by criticizing Raiders of the Lost Ark, claiming Indie had no true relevance to the plot line at all—the movie would have ended the same way regardless. Stunned, Sheldon sets out to ruin something of Amy’s childhood in return. Eye for an eye.

I like this trend where Sheldon learns life lessons from his patient girlfriend. This episode, he realized he could vocalize his feelings, rather than, in Amy’s words, “seek revenge.” It’s a more personal way to grow in one relationship that just skipping into the bedroom.  While the latter isn’t wrong, per se, it is a little…overdone. 

Speaking of, Leonard quickly discovers that from true embarrassment comes true compassion. When Penny reads his mother’s book for her psychology class, Leonard laments his unorthodox, experiment-ridden childhood. Penny subsequently tries curing Leonard’s insecurity. Over and over.
He should have known there were too many women in the scenario to make his game safe. Getting Penny to watch Monty Python documentaries and The Hobbit with commentary might have been nice. Getting to watch his mother analyze his romantic habits via Skype was not so much.

Raj, Stuart, Howard, and Bernadette didn’t have shining roles this episode, though Raj and Stuart make their first foray into online dating. I found their observations about women a little insulting, myself; maybe they learned a lesson about dating, too. Although, I do hope they find their matches one day. I’m still crushed Raj’s almost-girlfriend didn’t stay the whole season.

Do you agree Raiders of the Lost Ark doesn’t have a story? Does it contribute to its trilogy? Did this very episode have a glaring plot hole, too? Leave your comments below, or on our Facebook page!


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