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My Psycho

Ted had to re-confront his feelings for Robin to prove his Best Man-ability—which proved more difficult than housing pigeons—and Robin had to try and make a “girl” friend to comfort Lily. Also more difficult than housing pigeons. To say nothing of Aunt Ina.

The show fooled me with last week’s cliffhanger: “I saw you and Robin at the carousel.” I definitely thought it was going to be that easy.
I…am gullible.
Barney and Ted dissect their conflicts in the face of Judge Marshall and the Bro Code, when Barney reveals he saw Ted comfort Robin by the carousel. Do you deem it “weird?” Weird between not-friends, perhaps, but I found the gesture quite caring between best bro’s. Robin included.

Still, Ted impressed me. He struck a human chord: you can’t turn affection on and off like a light switch. And, sometimes, affection never really leaves at all. But emotions don’t completely govern people—their brains and common sense do. Ted proved it to the audience today in a (what I hope to be somewhat) final say about his stance with Robin.

Robin hit just as human a chord. Or just hit a human. 

Does anyone else sympathize with her plight against women? And I don’t mean her plight of perfection. She might drive women to jealousy with her perfect metabolism and her perfect figure and her perfect puns, but she lacks an ability most women also find difficult: the ability to talk to one.

She proved birds of a feather flock together; be they to Rangers fans or redheaded psychos.

(Who else found the psycho line endearing? Aw Lil.)

Lastly, did anyone else remember the man coming for Ted Mosby? Is he new? And who else got as excited as I did by a little Weekend at Barney’s nostalgia?

This episodes quote: No quote, just Tim Gunn. All of Tim Gunn.

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