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Sweet Caroline

You know what? This was the first episode in a long time where I definitively felt bad for some characters and just plain didn’t like other characters’ attitudes. Lighten up, Bernie. And isn’t anyone going to give Penny any credit for acing the hunt?
Meanwhile, Howard and Amy deserve an encore for their performance(s).

When Raj’s Murder Mystery party falls through the roof (no, that wouldn’t be the murder in question), he considers his audience and plans an Ivy-League-esque scavenger hunt! All the fine establishments (and Princeton) celebrated the complicated tradition, with complex clues and logic puzzles, for the race to one golden coin.
Funny enough, Raj understood some of the most complicated clues would be complicated for high-thinking scientists. Really, who among them would have gotten the Rolling Stones reference?

But through the endeavor, we learn a few things about our cast of characters and how they interact with other characters on the show: 

  • Bernadette is competitive. Really competitive. And she didn’t even try to check herself, even after she admitted she knew what she was doing and why? She’s had her bolder moments on the show before, but I call this a first. Not my favorite side to this sweetheart.
  • Leonard might not be the sturdiest in the bunch, but he possesses other (largely ignored) attributes. He just confuses the others by weighing his priorities differently. He can stand on his own when he absolutely has to.
  • Speaking of, did no one notice that Penny “rocked” the majority of the questions on the program? Wasn’t anyone going to give her credit for proving them all wrong? I’d have liked a more satisfying conclusion there.

I do love the new Amy and Howard bond. They shone bright—like diamonds!
Let’s cross our fingers for more on their friendship in the future (and maybe that concert).


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