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An Objectophiliac? No Way…

And here I thought I would be done with cliffhangers, for one night of calm, collected TV viewing.
Or did CBS just plan to air this sort of episode the day following the Breaking Bad series finale?

Lily first finds Ted’s list of things to do before he leaves NY; things he needs to get out from his hat before he runs from (sorry, moves on from) the city he knows and loves. Talk to his upstairs neighbor about her thuddy shoes. Buy all of MacLaren’s a drink.
Share a special shot of scotch with Barney.

Secrets come out from the woodwork along with the list, and Lily’s first to uncover (and admit to) most of them. Ted and Marshall might have ruined her Sir-Mix-A-Lot-worthy dress, but she and Robin wrecked his vintage—and most definitely not ketchup-and-hand-sani—scotch, saved for Barney.

Though Lily doesn’t let Ted out from under her Linus-assisted eye without imparting some of her Eriksen brand of advice: to only say goodbye to the bad, and try embracing the good and new, before such a move. By the way, Ted said to “turn over” the list; maybe he borrowed a cue from his best bro?

“Because that’s a good thing, and the good things will always be here waiting for you.”
-- Lily Eriksen


Meanwhile, Barney and Robin try to stave off the elderly and rekindle their dating fire one last time before the ceremony. But, as senior citizens are wont to do, a dynamic duo taught the couple that they wouldn’t change with age; they would just, like a well-preserved scotch, age well.

Though this doesn’t excuse my feelings for the cliffhanger Barney left. For once I was actually feeling sorry for Ted! Finally getting his goals on track, only for Barney’s sudden change of tune. Did that seem sudden to anyone else? 

The previews for the final season bode well, but I’ll still be waiting on the edge of my seat for next Monday. How about everyone else? 

“I saw you and Robin at the carousel.”
-- Barney Stinson



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