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Until I Hear You Say It

Five pages of notes later, I’m reviewing my second Breaking Bad episode and seriously considering starting from Season One.

I have to say, a mix of the episode—and then everyone’s reactions to the episode—made the finale experience. I vaguely understood what happened in the first half of this episode, last Sunday, and from what I could see it set itself up for forks. Would Walt return? Would he find someplace else as departed as New Hampshire?

The episode’s so packed, so full of action, I’m only going to illustrate comments from specific places. Then comments from forum chats, because everyone knows those are hilarious. 

I can see through my tears that I wrote down, the light-pointers were clever for Walt in lieu of actual snipers, considering his hiring two hit-men with $200k sounds way too believable. And it ultimately led to his discovering Jesse Pinkman which of course, as those that saw the episode would know, just about changes the entire course of the finale.

But I won’t go into detail.

Walt told Skyler, "I did it for me. I liked it. I was good at it. And I was really, I was alive,” when describing why he did what he did. Threw his family talk out the window.
False. I call bluff. She was clearly angry enough that, for her to do as he said with the lottery-ticket coordinates, she had to be affirmed in her beliefs. Self-satisfied. Not because what he said was true--but because disingenuity was easier.

The rest of the episode…well…plays out nearly exactly like how you think it’s going to play out.
With an added bonus that make it perfect.

To clue some of you in, and spur you to watch the finale on AMC online tomorrow, I’ll share my forum-quote favorites:

“The Oedipal circle is complete!” [sic. In caps.]
“One last cook for Walt.”
“What’s with the box?! Can someone please tell me???” [sic. Extraneous exclamation points.]

Catch the finale online again and again, starting tomorrow. And...Breaking Bad?


“I want this.”
-- Walter White



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