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From An Emotionless Robot


Welcome, everybody. Hope you’re cozy, holed up and weathering this premiere and pilot week with me. Even if we’re not hiding from a Kraken.

For the first episode, Leonard remained on his party yacht and Sheldon and Penny exchanged their passive-aggressive thoughts on the matter. I thought it kind of sweet Sheldon missed Leonard so much. Both episodes also featured a new side to Sheldon: an emotional one. Twice, we saw him at his most volatile, examined under a microscope. When the episodes turned suddenly serious (see, “Here’s something you don’t know about me: you just hurt my feelings”), I had to pause and clap a hand to my mouth. Writing, ladies and gentlemen.

They let Leonard back in for the second episode, freshly shaved and unaware, for a change of pace between Howard’s plot line. While Penny spent a few days alone with Leonard (and hid him away from Sheldon), Howard began embodying Raj, more or less. Sure enough, the source for his weight-gain, mood swings, and sudden sensitivity, happened to be leeched estrogen from one of his mother’s lotions.
I got the parody part of the skit, but did anyone else think that exploiting overused stereotypes is a little…90’s?
Bernadette walking in on the “exam,” however, happened to be priceless. 

Amy spoke the truth when she told Sheldon she was free to have her donut, and as many donuts as she cared, for breakfast. The jerk.

I adored the pacing and the sketches, overall, and feel that this fall is going to be a headlining best for The Big Bang Theory. Jim Parsons reminded us why he earned his third Emmy recently, to be sure.

“Everything I say is true.”
—Sheldon Cooper 

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