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Thank You, CBS

Are two episodes too much for one article? Have I been out of the writing loop for far too long? Has HIMYM spent too long a summer off the air? Perhaps. We better get started.

I love that they didn’t repeat too many jokes. Too many. Telepathic conversations are more than okay.

I also loved the balance in stars and guest stars. Who else feels like they’d have much better road trips with Daphne driving? I’d even let her pick the music just to hear her sing along.

But two things stuck out in both episodes prevalently: the filmography, and the Mother. Of course, the mother.
And Wayne Brady, but he shines like the sun in any show he’s in.

How many times did the pacing flip our trust in Ted Mosby on and off? Four? First we thought the road trip was innocent. Then we thought he was going to sneak to California. Then he didn’t go to California, norhave the locket. THEN we saw him buying a ticket to California?

Would that be from Farhampton? Will he meet the mother there and change his mind?

At least, at the end of the day, it would be his doing should the wedding go to ruin; not one long-lost cousin story. 

But the mother. I love seeing her and Lily hit it off. She’s as quirky as Ted, but nowhere near as neurotic. She’ll be a good balance—bring out his tender, caring side. Then actually be tender and caring back.

I already love them.
Not that I want the series to end there. Or ever. 

We might be done waiting, but there are still plenty of episodes left, and plenty of series’ running. I won’t have to spend all my time waiting on Lady Tedwina Slowsby. 


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