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What was the present?
What was the present?
What was the present?

Anyone else wonder if a ring box could fit in that packaging? 

Thanks to Howard’s help, Stephen Hawking offered Leonard a spot on his four-month voyage to the North Sea to try and prove one of his theories. (Guess Sheldon didn’t have as big a “friend” connection.) While Leonard makes his plans to go abroad for the term, the other roommates and significant others act accordingly:

Sheldon: discovers jealousy. Penny teaches him how to overcome the catty voice in his brain and how to do what’s right—and how to score a toothpaste commercial. Still, I wonder if the career move foreshadows something else on the horizon for Sheldon’s future?

Penny: realizes she’ll have to maintain what she did when the flat studied in the North Pole mid-series. The three-month stint left them bearded, and her bored, but if she could manage that then, I’m sure she can manage this loss now.

Just about the rest of the apartment were preoccupied with Raj’s plot twist happening behind closed doors.

Trying to slowly introduce Lucy to all his friends, Raj overstepped his boundaries and over-fussed Lucy’s social anxiety.
Protip: don’t make such a big deal about social anxiety. Act like Amy and treat said person just as that—a person. Not a pedestal-propped spectacle.
Unfortunately, Raj learned his lesson the hard way and, for all his doting, Lucy decided the relationship was “just too much” via text-message at Leonard’s farewell affair. I expected a hero rush back, personally, but Raj instead spent the last five minutes reflecting. And reflecting. And reflecting.
The good news is, after six seasons and countless bottles of beer, Raj can celebrate his own converse achievement: he can talk to women! Or, at least, Penny, Bernadette, and Amy.

The next season premiere will tell us if Raj can win his “perfect” girl back. I think Lucy’s worth the rekindling, don’t you?
And for the love of all that is good, CBS, how dare you not tell us what was in Leonard’s gift?! How?

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  • Lisa

    They did tell us, it was a heart shaped locket with Leonard’s picture in it purchased on sale at the mall. Sheldon told him real fast at the end.

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