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Keep Rolling


Ladies in Vegas and boys in…dungeons. Or is it? This episode had boys, booze, and barely any rules, and left your blogger a gaping, screaming mess.
As you might have guessed through my second regular liveblog.

When the girls’ night in Vegas falls through, they join everyone but Raj in one crazy game of—you guessed it—Dungeons and Dragons. Howard tries the Dungeon Master title on for size and knocks Sheldon’s socks off (real goosebumps!). I guess this puts Howard in the league of Zachary Quinto, though not as impressionable as, say, Nicolas Cage or Al Pacino or Christopher Walken.
Okay, I can’t hide it; Howard (and, by extension, Simon Helberg) does killer impressions and sound effects. It’s a talent.

When the magic potion starts flowing, so do the love spells. After Bernadette puts Sheldon and Amy on the spot for some Orc-action, the two meet in the middle and reach an understanding about where they are in their relationship, intimacy-wise. In other words: they’re gonna keep rolling.

But the dice has to land eventually. Let’s hope it’s fifteen or higher. 

In the meantime, Raj gets pulled away for an impromptu date, where he learns the hard way that no one likes being coaxed out of their shell. Out to dinner with Lucy, he puts her in a parallel hard place when he tries to make her return food with the waiter. Perplexed, she makes another run for the bathroom window.
The two set about their own path to self-discovery that evening—and finally lock lips through the bars of an equally-locked fence!

It was a sweet enough moment for the two of them, though I have to wonder which would have been more embarrassing: sending food back, or explaining how one came to be in the dumpster cage when they climbed out the girl’s bathroom skylight.


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