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Who's That Girl?


I decided, for this article, to change the channel for a brand new show: New Girl. New Girl, highly recommended and toted as the new How I Met Your Mother (except this would be, like, how-I-met-my-future-girlfriend-a-few-times-over), will air its season finale May 18. Which means I have to hop to catching up.
I feel proud my readers can follow me into my new-show foray, full of ignorance and surprises and choking. It’s how I respond to jokes.
Let’s see how I do.

…I discovered right away the episode Virgins, aired April 30, probably wasn’t the best episode to review in its entirety. Instead, allow me to divulge my first impressions of half the cast and the plot as a whole; or as many characters whose names I can remember.


I do remember she came up with her opening jingle in the first, or one of the first, season one pilots. She seems sweet, clear-cut, un-passive aggressive. Dry humored without being vain or aloof. She may be sarcastic. I like her already.
But I also have a strong Zooey Deschanel bias, so bear with me. The fashion, all of it. 

He seems neurotic, but not in the push-aside creepy way. I label him as The Ross from FRIENDS: well-meaning and kind, but, as his father eloquently put it, he “thinks too much.” From what I’ve seen of fan reviews and clips, the patriarch sentiment hits the nail on the head. So much so for half a second I thought he hadn’t lost his virginity before the episode’s finale. Context? 


College-Schmidt is the best thing.
He’s loud, rude, crude, and seems so used to his own vocabulary he can’t be bothered to see why he’s all these things. But that’s why his roommates love him. Also why they invented the Douchebag jar. Well played, apartment.

In my next evaluation of New Girl, look out for plot first impressions gearing up before the season finale on FOX!


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