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No! Writers! How I Met Your Mother writers! Stop messing with me!
I knew after Barney insisted he knew Robin better than Ted something would go south. Talk about foreshadowing.
But was Robin fair to assume Barney wouldn’t have come? Ted has simply known her longer—does that make him the love of her life?
We know she marries…not Ted, if not Barney. Either way, I want the madness to end.
On to the episode. 

You saw my favorite parts during the live tweeting/Facebook updates. Barney’s budding relationship with Robin’s father blossomed into something of a Venus Flytrap in the laser tag arena, where their combined stubbornness erupt into a Bro of the Flies. Each enlists fellow laser-tagging ten year olds for their respective teams, fighting an arduous battle to the finish.
Pity it wasn’t important enough for Barney to stop and help out his fiancé in Central Park. 

Robin, as a teenage boy, buried upon her last visit her future Something Old for her wedding: one locket. Should she find it again, beyond all doubts, before she married, then the Universe granted her it’s blessing in the union. If not—it didn’t.
Therefore, Robin spends the entire episode trying to dig for a locket she failed to mark, calling upon her friends for help before finally finding the one friend that saw through her nonchalant wall: Ted.

They find the locket-box. The locket isn’t inside. 

To which I wonder where on earth it got to, if it were in the box when she buried it at all. Something tells me she left it out as a teen.
Regardless, Ted and Robin debate signs from the universe, all the way up to a cliffhanger ending: hand holding.

Writers, can we not.
Oh, and Marshall and Lily continue to pack for Italy. They’ll get their Something New In the future. Meanwhile your blogger cringes in wait.

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