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TV's Best Dressed


A fan directed me to an interesting website this morning (um…make that late yesterday night. Technically, both,) where the owner tracks down exact, or close to, replicas of the outfits from stylish sitcom characters!

Now, we already have some of your favorites, like Shelly, down pat, but what about those stars that veer from the screen-T to something more refined? Someone, say, like Robin Scherbatsky, Lily, or Penny, Bernadette, and others from How I Met Your Mother and The Big Bang Theory?
Go sit in the corner, Rachel Green. Our new millennium starlets are giving us an upgrade.

Robin, newscaster that she is, can afford more refined, expensive brands, than say your fresh-into-the-coffee-shop social anxiety afflicted. Her houndstooth beige number, as seen in the latest episode, comes right from Nordstrom rack, though you can find the same top on Amazon and Zappos-dot-com.

Right our from Lily’s art consultant fashionista phase, the website found her pretentious black scouting cape.  Of course she snagged it from none other than Saks Fifth Avenue, but there might be some online options besides floating around. Her 15-years-young blue tweed jacket?  Purely J. Crew. 

Penny from The Big Bang Theory would settle for no less than something sweet…and a little spicy. She splurged on her smoking sweetheart dress from Guess, though we’re betting she found it bargain with her server’s wages. Or maybe we underestimate her; it wouldn’t be the first time she purchased clothes comparable to her rent payment.

Bernadette, our much more careful dresser, found her dress + cardigan staple through online and small boutique browsing. We appreciate the frugalness, Bernie, and the dress with the sweater always screams, you, but of all the characters we profiled you probably make the most bank! Take a few tips from Robin Scherbatsky---or maybe take Howard out shopping one day.


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