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Proctor Proton


“Aww, it’s so cool when you use the word ‘cool’ wrong.”

Leonard and Sheldon discover they can realize their childhood dream when they find the host of their favorite science show online, Professor Proton! You might even say he’s a positive role model.
Ah I make myself laugh.
They hire him for a day of re-enacting children’s science tricks in their apartment, expecting the gloriousness and grandeur they watched from their TV sets as kids. What they find, however (besides guest star Bob Newhart), is a forlorn retiree with no life direction and a rather stony melancholy over the science world he knew.
Sheldon and Leonard do end up rekindling his spirits. Or maybe that was the beginning of the heart attack. Either way, Sheldon got to ride in an ambulance, so…best day ever! Right?

In an apartment building far, far away, Raj has Howard and Bernadette dog-sit Cinnamon, his Yorkshire terrier. Besides catering to Cinnamon’s rich (and perhaps outrageous) diet, the couple does all right. Even suppose having kids one day (um, we say yes).
Until, that is, they take Cinnamon out for her first park play-date.
When they forget to put her back in the stroller, Howard and Bernadette go on a wild dog-chase for the terrier, unaware Raj subsequently found her and brought her home much sooner. The joke is on him when he tries to guilt-trip them later. Bernadette, pulling another motherly card from the deck and scolding him for keeping them worried sick.
She’s going to be an amazing mom, Howard and I agree.

This episode, filler that I thought it might have been, still made me think of long ago 4pm children’s specials. These shows of my past inspired me to do lots of things, and were only even more prevalent generations before me. (My parents still bring up Captain Kangaroo on occasion).
Did you have any favorites? Or did they absolutely freak you out? Either way, to me, nostalgia is still “cool.”


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