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Should I Go?


This episode was about closure of all sorts. Penny not being able to find what really unlocks her passions—Sheldon not being able to handle an unfinished sentence…or series. I know that feeling, Sheldon. I still weep over Firefly.

But both sides have supportive significant others at their sides to help them along the way, and—finally—we see a whole cast of Big Bang Theory characters at work.

 Things I learned: Penny is basically Buffy. Or, would be, if she could finish more than two episodes of an otherwise perfect series. Leonard tries his hardest to find something the both of them can watch, with plenty of powerful female characters and sci-fi add-ins, but Penny just isn’t having it. Claims she just doesn’t get excited…about “stuff.”

Fortunately, she learns she doesn’t need to be hyper passionate about one subject, topic, or fandom, because she’s just that passionate about the people already around her. Leonard, the apartment of scientists, Amy, Bernadette. Eh about Howard.

But Leonard can forget the cosplay opportunities; one New Years as Wonder Woman was enough for her. 

“Leonard I had an epiphany, not a stroke.”
-- Penny, to Leonard, denying him Comic-Con antics.

Sheldon discovers when his current favorite TV series, Alphas, becomes cancelled (go Alphas for the spotlight, I guess?), he may have an issue accepting closure. Enter his neuro-scientist girlfriend Amy, whom Sheldon swears knows nothing about pent-up frustration without any hope for release. No, she doesn’t suffer that whatsoever.
But she does force him to jump through a plethora of hoops without any conclusion: swiped tic-tac-toe games, unfinished Pledge of Allegiances, “Pop Goes The—,” “Legen…wait for it…”
No, wait. Wrong show.

I think Sheldon cheated; he got his, finishing all his hitherto unfinished tasks, by the end of the episode, whereas Amy still trudges home alone every night denied physical contact. It’s a slow “when” for “Shamy,” but I believe they’ll get there eventually.

Now to wait eagerly for the next new episode. We already know what Raj is doing in the meantime; we have his security camera.



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