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You’ve perused our store and picked up your favorite set props and gifts. Now what? Plan on using them as coffee table knick-knacks for the rest of their days? Does this mean the end for your eclectic shopping? All is fine, we might add, but your blogger’s going to try their hand at finding creative ways to pair Cool TV Props with something else that’s totally cool. Something Barney would approve of. So that someday Barney will recognize my bro status. I’m waiting for it, Stinson.

Have the Rock-‘em-Sock-‘em Robots t-shirt?
Get the Captain Future poster.
The Big Bang Theory

You’re one step away from full-blown Sheldon already; if not full-blown robot obsession. So what do you do? Go about the day to day with one type of android wonder and leave the other at home. Hanging on the wall, next to the fridge, in front of the bar counter where you make your high-fiber cereal most weekdays. That’s nice.

Have the Sheldon Cooper’s Council of Ladies t-shirt?
Get the You’re My Lobster t-shirt.
The Big Bang Theory, F.R.I.E.N.D.S

You’ve already proven yourself a devotee to one special someone—why not show the same affection for the person in your life living and breathing right in front of you? They’re both cute, classic, and references only the best of minds will understand when you dash out the door. 

Feeling Martha Stewart? Snag the elegant Jouets poster for home! Channel your inner style visionary Rachel Green with this piece.

Have Barney’s BroBib?
Get Barney’s Ducky Tie.
How I Met Your Mother 

See, the point of the BroBib was to save the lives of countless other ties and shirtfronts that might have suffered the same ketchup-y fate as the Red Tie. You should commemorate the memory of the Red Tie with your very own tie worthy of protection. Bingo! The Ducky Tie, a year-round accessory everyone will love and appreciate and find very smashing, especially on you. True story. 

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