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Ten guesses to point to the blogger most amused that there exists a Drugs and Alcohol section of Sheldon Cooper’s Wikipedia page.
On an unrelated note, let’s spend the sub-sequential Rerun Thursday by poking fun at our beloved double-Ph.D. scientist. Or perhaps just his drugs and alcohol mishaps. 

I use the term “drugs” loosely, in that he considers coffee (and large amounts of caffeine, I presume) a drug. Promising his mother he would abstain from “all drugs,” he sticks to the less caffeinated fizzy drinks and absolutely no coffee, wine, hard liquor, Long Island ice tea, and valium.
Needless to say, he’s fallen off the map a time or five.


In one of the first aired (and hilarious) episodes, Howard tries to drug Sheldon to sleep while he hops from apartment to apartment, kicked out by a frustrated Leonard. The Valium could probably have keeled a horse, but did little more than cause Sheldon to ramble incessantly and bump into furniture. Though as per the plot’s request, Leonard discovered Penny’s big secret, and Sheldon discovered he was the Dark Knight.


Most notably in The Pants Alternative, Sheldon finds a pants…alternative…as the title might suggest. Before a key awards speech, Penny gives Sheldon alcohol to settle his nerves. The alcohol worked so well it settled Sheldon’s comedy career option (there won’t be one) and sliding britches (onto the ground, when he mooned the audience). Then promptly posted to YouTube under “Physicist Melts Down.”

Long Island Ice Tea

Once again, we can blame Penny’s wiles for Sheldon’s lack of perception, when she gives him Long Island “ice tea” while he rants about his nemesis, Wil Wheaton. He doesn’t understand the alcoholic nature of the tea, nor does Penny make a very genuine effort to inform him. Instead, the tea advised Sheldon to buy bus fare and defend his lady’s honor on Wheaton’s front porch.

What’s your favorite Sheldon moment—a sane (“sane”) scene, or drugged debacle?

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