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TV’s biggest geek? That’s an illustrious title.

 But Sheldon Cooper earns the herald, according to TechRepublic’s blog contributor Edmond Woychowsky, for no shorter than twenty reasons. Let’s think about this a second—he’s claiming that, in current nighttime television, there rules no other greater geek than Dr. Cooper; not even Timothy McGee or Abby Sciuto, certified NCIS brainiacs. It’s true, sitting here without a Google search, I can’t think of competing characters off the top of my head, but I treat all-time lists with a little bit of care and suspicion.
Let’s sample the findings:

#1 Sheldon is an obsessive fan of comic books and science fiction. This goes a long way in explaining the restraining orders from Stan Lee and Leonard Nimoy. 

If only more comic-con goers took up acting jobs. But this title does only certify TV characters, not the common man. Next!

#3 Like any true Star Trek fan, Sheldon has strong feelings concerning Will Wheaton, or as he is referred to in The Big Bang Theory, Evil Will Wheaton. (Photo credit: CBS Corp.) 

If strong, negative feelings qualify…sure! I’m not sure if any other fan can boast eternal loathing, affirmative.

#5 He has a large collection of geeky tee-shirts, which are so memorable that there is now a website about Sheldon’s shirts.

Can’t argue with that logic.

#15 He gave a Physics Department Paintball Strategy Meet, which serves as an example of “geekifying” everything that he touches.

Other notables include five person rock-paper-scissors (lizard-Spock) and three-person chess!

#16 Caffeine has a pronounced effect on Sheldon, even if he does consider it a gateway drug.

Oh, come now, can we call this an attribute for certifiable geekdom? Though this far into the list, its other points do their fair share in proving their case (even if they don’t mention alcohol).


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