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The One With The Finger


“It’s this dumb thing that Ross made up just to try to fool our parents. It’s a way of giving the finger without actually having to give it…it was the first time I realized I was cooler than my big brother.”
-- Monica, on Ross’ fake “finger” gesture 

F.R.I.E.N.D.S gave us fans plenty of things to borrow and take away from the show, things we only need see once and instantly be transported back. Some of the sweeter legacies include Marcel, “How you doin’?” and “I got off the plane.”
…And then there’s Ross’ version of “the finger.”

 Demonstrating with Rachel and Monica during its inaugural appearance, the gesture—pounding two inward-facing fists together, twice, in quick succession—became something all the F.R.I.E.N.D.S inevitably adopted. Wonder if this makes Monica cooler than every other character in the cast.

Next, Rachel gives “the finger” to Ross when he critiques a failed relationship move. Not to be one-upped, he replicates the signal with two elbows over two fists! I think I love best how offended Ross looks every time he earns the diss, despite how off-handedly everyone else behaves.

 The most pivotal scene centered around Ross’ invention? In my opinion, it’s the episode with girls-vs.-guys game, Rachel and Monica against Joey and Chandler. The entire game might be confused for an odd feud between Rachel and Joey, Monica and Chandler, the way they trade spots and give the gesture all the way!
Pop quiz: what’s the game called?

 Although my favorite occurrence has to be when Joey attempted the move in his army uniform. He expression and pointed style screamed Joey Tribbiani. While I wouldn’t wish him caught in the act, I in turn screamed laughing the first time I saw the episode!

 Comment with your favorite F.R.I.E.N.D.S-ism! There’s certainly enough in the last ten seasons to go around!


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